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My name is Bob.

First things first.

If you DON'T wanna see long but sensible text posts, my artworks & doodles, pieces of my life, rants, ideas, and other reblogs like cats love quotes, bible verses, chuck tv series, Emma Watson and other funny stuff then I won't satisfy your blog cravings. :'(

I follow people that I wanna follow simply because I find them awesome and I wanna be their friend. I'm not desperate for a follow back and the people I follow find me lurking in their notes all the time for sooooo long already. lol.

I promise I won't be waste of dashboard though. By the way I just need readers right now. :D

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Well then,

I am 75% Filipino, 25% Spaniard.
I have no criminal record, so far.

Just one of the hundreds of thousands of jobless nurses here in the Philippines, blogging as a past time. I was born and raised in the city of waterfalls on the 16th of June.

I have a very disturbed sleeping pattern making me a nocturnal human being. Random. Religious. Friendly.

My friends usually describe me at first as someone silent but very approachable.

In the midst of friendship, they describe me as someone you can talk to about anything and very fun to be with.

Little did they know, I have skeletons in my closet. Too private that I don't even blog it. No murder and other creepy stuff involved though. Just a shitty life that I strive to survive.


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 ang hindi pa naliligo



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Boundaries & Limits of Chivalry

Sometimes, a guy wants to be a gentleman. Let me start right away by saying there is a BIG boundary between the things you do for your partner and the things you do to a close female friend or any other friends. You may go to the bottom line or endure my thoughts.

  1. Time & Commitment - If you say you are committed to your girlfriend then just stick to that principle. Your time can be her time and no other people can have that moment once it is set. If you come to a point where you have to chose between the “party of the year” or the movie marathon with your girlfriend, the only answer is the latter. Your time is very valuable to a woman, she measures it, take notes of it, remembers all of it when you ask her about it. That’s the meaning of commitment, you will…and you must be there for her.
  2. Decision-making & Hospitality - When there is a damsel in distress or a close female friend who needs a favor, always ask your partner first. If that’s not possible, state your thoughts to that person. Make sure that every decision made is well thought of and explained beforehand. Don’t go out on a date with another girl when you to had a fight. NEVER let another girl sleep in your house or sleep on another girl’s house whatever reason that may be. The idea is just wrong even if you say nothing happened between the both of you.
  3. Honesty & Communication - When you talk to other people more than you talk to your partner, it will lead to a cold relationship. If you feel choked up, or chained to the relationship, then share it to her right away. When you build up your thoughts brick by brick, it will all fall down soon enough. By that time, the both of you can’t talk it over already. Honesty is the key, don’t hide agendas to your partner just because you’re afraid to say it. Also, don’t talk to another friend much more than you talk to your partner in front of her, she will feel left out and taken for granted.
  4. Loves, Hugs & Kisses - Being sweet to your partner is good. Being sweet to your partner and sweeter to everyone else - that is just wrong. This doesn’t make your girl feel special…she will feel like she is just like everyone else. NEVER say ‘I love you’ to another girl even if she is your best friend. Much more, NEVER kiss or hug another girl even if she is your friend. If it’s in your culture, that is just acceptable…also if she is in your family. Otherwise, don’t do it. Be in-sync with your partner and be empathetic with her emotions. 
  5. Don’t go saving everyone else’s butt - You’re not superman, don’t do other people’s simple job like it is your duty. Don’t run like the flash when another person calls you. You have your own girl to save now, focus on her, please her…do everything you can to satisfy her needs. She will do the same for you too, trust me. Don’t act like every sweet thing to do ends when she said ‘yes’. Be sweet to her even after you two are officially dating or after you got married. Do more things with her rather than with other people.

It’s too long and I know everyone is too lazy to read, but the bottom line is:

"How would you feel if your girl will do that to another guy?"

Think about it.

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